Gastvortrag Pablo Caligaris / 16.00 07 Jun 2017

Contingency plan, independent art spaces in Argentina

In the absence of a strong market or institutional support, the independent projects in Buenos Aires had a strong role since the 90', and in particular after the 2001 economical crisis, reconfiguring and shaping the local art scene. 

Gastvortrag Pablo Caligaris / 16.00

Pablo CaligarisBuenos Aires, 1970. Cultural manager and curator. Having originally studied and worked as an artist, Caligaris have spent the last seven years managing and curating art projects. He studied graphic design and continued his training as an artist through workshops and seminars with specialization in the photographic image. He is a professor of Cultural Management at USAL University. As an artist, he participated in several exhibitions and prizes such as the MAMBA (Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art), MNBA (National Art of Fine Arts), Prize Federico J. Klemm (Klemm Foundation), Banco Ciudad Foundation for Visual Arts, among other. He has been directing the project “La Ira de Dios” since 2010, a space for contemporary art in Buenos Aires, curating and managing the exhibition and residency programs. As an independent curator, he also performed exhibitions in PROA Foundation and Córdoba Art Fair.