Gastvortrag UBERMORGEN 21 Okt 2020

"Lizvlx' schönste Geschichten für Studierende.”*

*Anlehnung an Ephraim Kishons “Kishons schönste Geschichten für Kinder"

21.10.20 / 14.00 Uhr
Transmediale Kunst / @ Zoom 

Gastvortrag UBERMORGEN

Asylabwehramt, Seal (2010), Bildrechte: copyleft.

**Hier die Liste der Vortragstitel die in Frage gekommen sind:
1. I only talk to Galerist at Art Basel
2. Fucking the art world without getting fucked
3. Besides all else, I mean, Kanye is a a mf cool guy
4. Google drive: a best of my shared stuff
5. The return of the AnimGif and its socio-political implications 

Lizvlx is talking about how some of UBERMORGEN’s works came about and what obstacles had to be overcome to realize the works, how people commissioning works by UBERMORGEN usually end up being foreseeably upset and why sometimes artists seemingly have to talk about why which red when, where and how. 

This lecture might be of interest to anybody interested in not necessarily hanging out at gallery openings all the time, or people who suck at schmoozing or generally anybody interested in constructing realities that entertain the common human and push people’s buttons. 

UBERMORGEN is an artist duo founded in 1995. Autistic actionist lizvlx and pragmatic visionary Hans Bernhard are pioneers and media hackers widely recognized for their high-risk research into data & matter and polarising social experiments. They reached a global audience of 500 million while challenging the FBI, CIA, and NSA during the US presidential election with their project Vote-Action. In 2005, they launched their acclaimed EKMRZ Trilogy, a series of conceptual hacks – Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir, and The Sound of eBay. Their current work focuses on AI and Newspeak and auto-generated surveillance camera horror movies. UBERMORGEN occupies 175 domains. Their exhibitions include New Museum, USA; Somerset House, London; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel/Palestine (2019); Wei-Ling Contemporary Malaysia; HKW, Germany; National Art Gallery, Bulgaria (2017); Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius (2015); Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark; MoMA Ljubljana, Slovenia; ArtScience Museum, Singapore (2013); 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan (2012); Centre Pompidou, France; Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea; WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland (2011); Prague Biennale, Czech Republic (2009); Biennale of Sydney, Australia (2008); MOCA Taipei (2007); The Premises, Johannesburg, South Africa; ICC Tokyo, Japan (2005); SFMOMA, USA (2001).